The Life and Times of Mister

Ever wonder what cats do when they are off exploring?

Ever wonder what they say to each other and what they think?


Wonder no more! Mister is happy to share with you his exciting first year of kitten life. He talks about the adventure that took him far from Mom and Dad, and the ald man, Grandpa, who game him a home in a small town where he could hang out with a gang of friends - seven other cats and a kind dog named Smokey.

Mister, Kala, Pete, Screeter, Tippy, Roscoe, Jake, Fluffy, and Smokey explore the world around them and the seasons of the year: the spooky Halloween festivities, Christmas and ice skating in winter, the new life of spring, and the long summer days perfect for fishing. As time goes by, Mister finds a special friend in Kala, and grows in admiration for the leadership qualities of Pete.

Grandpa's family visits often. As the year goes by, Mister learns about love and families and how to say goodbye to one special person, while at the same time looking forward to a future filled with more adventures.

Living in a small town with lots of opportunity for fun and games, Mister and the gang remember their motto: "One for all and all for one!" as they head out on one fun episode after another.